ISO 14001 Certification

Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001:2015 helps an organization achieve the intended outcomes of its environmental management system, which provides value for the environment, the organization itself and interested parties.

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems (EMS). It provides a framework for organizations to design and implement an EMS, and continually improve their environmental performance. By adhering to this standard, organizations can ensure they are taking proactive measures to minimize their environmental footprint, comply with relevant legal requirements, and achieve their environmental objectives. The framework encompasses various aspects, from resource usage and waste management to monitoring environmental performance and involving stakeholders in environmental commitments.

Its aims to integrate the organization’s EMS into the core organizational strategy. The key changes in this standard are:

  • A greater commitment from leadership.
  • An increased alignment with strategic direction.
  • Greater protection for the environment, with a focus on proactive initiatives.
  • More effective communication, driven through a communications strategy.
  • Life-cycle thinking, considering each stage of a product or service, from development to end-of-life.
ISO 14001 Certification
Environmental Management System Standards
  • Demonstrate compliance with current and future statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Increase leadership involvement and engagement of employees.
  • Improve company reputation and the confidence of stakeholders through strategic communication.
  • Achieve strategic business aims by incorporating environmental issues into business management.
  • Provide a competitive and financial advantage through improved efficiencies and reduced costs.
  • Encourage better environmental performance of suppliers by integrating them into the organization’s business systems. 
Cost Savings Through ISO 14001

Discover the financial benefits of ISO 14001, including reduced waste, lower energy consumption, and minimized liability costs. Enhance resource efficiency, optimize processes, and maximize cost savings while demonstrating your commitment to environmental stewardship.

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